The Boat

We welcome you aboard our 30 foot tiara yacht.   Fully insured and equipped with the U.S. Coast Guard’s required safety equipment for traversing the waters of Lake Michigan,  we are prepared to maintain your safety and provide a comfortable platform while fishing.  The vessel is equipped with a marine radio, radar, sonar, GPS, and other tools, to insure we find and stay on top of the fish all while maintaining our top priority of YOUR SAFETY. The vessel can handle the elements that Mother Nature throws our way, However, we are constantly monitoring the weather and wind and will make the best decision to maintain YOUR SAFETY on the water. We have a clean and functioning head as well as protection under the canopy and in the cabin from the elements.

Fishing Gear:

We are capable of running up to 24 lines at once which enables us to create a fish catching frenzy! We are fully stocked with the hottest colors, styles of lures and delivery devices which will make catching the "big one" your best fish story yet! You're welcome to bring your favorite bait to try, but we have everything you need!

Top Notch Charter Fishing Crew

U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captains

Captain Mark


With over 17 years of experience on Lake Michigan, Capt. Mark has developed a deep passion and respect for the open water and the challenges that the big water provides. Growing up on the piers in Port Washington. Mark learned from an early age to always read the weather and lake conditions, which affects the mood under the water. As even the most seasoned captain on the lake would tell you, the learning curve is never complete as the fishery is constantly changing and techniques continue to evolve on this dynamic biome. A hard work ethic, regular practice, and honing skills helps Capt. Mark to find the hottest bite and provide an experience you won’t soon forget!

First Mate Josh

First Mate

Bringing almost 2 decades of big water fishing to the table, Josh is always thinking outside the box. Whether it’s with his keen sense of fish finding instincts or his silly banter, there is rarely a dull moment with Josh on deck. With a family of his own, Josh too shares a passion with us for getting the whole family involved, especially the kids! A fair warning though, Josh is a heck of a storyteller and in between battles with Mr. Salmon and Trout, you’re bound to hear exciting and sometimes humorous fishing and hunting stories throughout the duration of your trip!